Who Are We?

We are a web hosting company that been doing this since 1999 and that has expert knowledge in almost every solution that you need to set up and maintain your websites, web apps or mobile apps.

Desktop and Mobile Application Development

image Do you need a desktop or mobile app? Let us develop and manage your application. Our in-house developers can develop anything to your specification.

Web Design

image Do you need someone to design your website for you? Well, we offer award winning web design services and have been designing websites for years.

Feel free to browse through our free website templates and download and edit them as you like for both personal and commercial purposes.

Find html and css tutorials at LearnWebsiteDesign.com and learn web design.

If you are looking for free web hosting templates go to FreeWebHostingTemplates.com.

Responsive HTML Table

The table below is responsive. As the size of the screen gets smaller, <th> and <td> table cells will be hidden, for example, beginning at a width of 900px, the second set of <th> and <td> table cells will be hidden using the display:none property and value, then the third set and so on. The width of the table cells will also be adjusted each time. You can easily adjust the table styles to suit your needs and wants.

Apples Books Cars Dogs Elephants Feathers Google
Whole Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Roman Numerals I II III IV V VI VII

Our Services

This is are the services and some of the benefits of hosting your website and applications with us.

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Feel free to browse our selection of free website templates and to download and use them as you like.